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Which Lefkada Beach is Right for You?

Lefkada Island is home to some of Greece’s finest beaches. Accessible from the mainland via a causeway, Lefkada is surrounded by the aquamarine waters of the Ionian and lined with white beaches, some tucked away at the base of dramatically towering cliffs.

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Head to the south coast, where beaches like Vasiliki are world-famous for their windsurfing and water sports activities. Enjoy blazing sunsets and a party vibe on west-coast beaches like Kathisma or explore the island by car or on foot to find hidden stretches of sand away from the crowds. If you’re in search of that perfect postcard setting, check out my picks of the best beaches on Lefkada island.

Egremni Beach

Challenging to get to but easy to love, Egremni Beach is known as one of the top beaches in Greece, thanks to its white sands at the base of a cliff embracing a sapphire-toned bay. Found on the southwest coast of the island, Egremni is a fabulous spot to just stretch out and bask in the sun, with rental sunbeds and umbrellas available. Access to the beach was once possible by taking some 300 steps down the hill, but these were damaged in a 2015 earthquake. Work is underway to repair the steps, but until then, access to Egremni is available only by boat. Most stop by Egremni on a beach-hopping day cruise. 

Porto Katsiki Beach

With dramatic cliffs and clear waters, Porto Katsiki lies about 40 km southwest of Lefkada Town, but its stunning setting of sparkling sands backed by sheer white cliffs make it well worth the trip. Getting to the beach is a bit of an adventure, first requiring a drive along narrow mountain roads to reach the car park at the top of the cliffs, then a walk down 80 steep steps. It’s also possible to get here by hiring a boat taxi from the nearby villages of Nidri or Vasiliki. Porto Katsiki is a sunbather’s heaven, with sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. During summer, head there in the morning to avoid the crowds.  

Kathisma Beach

Perfect place for sundowners, Kathisma Beach is a gorgeous 1-km stretch of sand along the west coast, about a 30-minute drive from Lefkada town. While most will want to just relax on the beach and take in the sea views, the beach is also great for sports activities, including paragliding and volleyball. Kathisma has earned a reputation for being a party beach, with a cluster of beachfront bars and restaurants offering lively spots to enjoy sunset views. Parking is available near the beach, but it’s sometimes difficult to find a spot during the busy summer months. Taking a bus from town is a good alternative.

Milos Beach

Named for the abandoned windmill nearby, Milos Beach is a lovely stretch of sand between 2 headlands just south of Agios Nikitas village. To get there, there’s a walking path from the town that takes about 25 minutes with beautiful views (and steep sections!) to enjoy along the way. Water taxi services, which depart hourly from town, are available in July and August. While no commercial activity is allowed on the beach, but – somewhat controversially – there are some sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. Those planning to spend the day here are advised to bring their own food and water. 

Gialos Beach

Uncrowded beach bliss, Gialos Beach is a quiet beach found near Athani village on the island’s southwest coast. Found about 30 kilometres from Lefkada town, the road leading to Gialos beach is bendy and narrow so take care while driving here. For most of the year the beach is completely free of commercial activity except in summer when a there’s a small cantina set up near the parking area. For those who like to swim and relax in peace, Gialos Beach is an ideal spot. The shoreline is pebbly and rocky in places so bring along some sandals or water shoes to more safely explore the beach on foot.

Vasiliki Beach

Windsurfing haven, Vasiliki Beach is already spectacular with its white pebbly sand and shimmering blue waters, but there are extra flashes of colour to enjoy with the sight of dozens of windsurfers zooming around offshore. The bay is wide and sheltered, and together with its brisk afternoon wind, it offers ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailing. Windsurf rentals and lessons are available at the beach. Find restaurants and cafes around the nearby Vasiliki village or at the harbour, where you can also book boat trips to the nearby islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca in the summer.

Kavalikefta Beach

Peaceful spot with pale blue water, Kavalikefta Beach has an otherworldly beauty with its light blue water and large rocks strewn along the shoreline. Located on the west coast of Lefkada, the beach lies at the end of a narrow winding road that’s a bit of a challenge to navigate in a car. Parking is available but limited, so be sure to get there in the early morning to have a chance of finding a spot.  Swimming, sunbathing and watching waves crash against the rocks are the main activities here. There are plenty of rental sun loungers and umbrellas lining the sands.

Agiofili Beach

Fabulous family beach, Agiofili Beach is one of the best beaches on Lefkada Island to bring the kids, as its shallow bay has calm waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. It’s a tiny strip of pebbled sand, so it’s best to get here early before the crowds and tour boats arrive. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent, while food and drinks are for sale at a bar near the parking area. Located at the southern end of the island, Agiofili can be reached by taxi boat or on foot from Vasiliki village, about 2 km away. It’s possible to get there by car, but do take care as the gravel road can get rather rough.  

Kastro Beach and Ammoglossa

Wide sands and calm waters, Kastro Beach is found in the north of Lefkada, near a bridge linking the town to mainland Greece. With its sheltered calm waters and coarse golden sands, it’s an excellent spot for families and those looking for a relaxing spot for sea gazing. Young kids should be watched closely though, as the water gets deep quickly. On the far east section of Kastro, the shore widens into a lovely sandspit called Ammoglossa (Greek for sand tongue) for its tongue-like shape.

Agios Nikitas Beach

Quaint resort town, Agios Nikitas Beach is ideal if you want to indulge in a bit of local culture and cuisine along with your beach time. Set within the Agios Nikitas fishing village, this picturesque little beach is within easy walking distance to the village’s restaurants, bars and hotels. One could easily spend a day here just relaxing on the sands, before slipping into a sea-view taverna for a fresh seafood meal. For those looking to explore more of the island’s spectacular beaches, Milos and Kathisma are within a few km from Agios Nikitas Beach.

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