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Most Instagrammable places in Milos

There’s certainly no shortage of fantastic Instagrammable places in Milos, it being an especially scenic star of the Greek islands. But if you’re looking to blow up your feed with shots from the hottest and most scenic spots from across the island, I have compiled a list of the best. From snorkelling in crystal-clear waters to exploring sensational sea caves and picturesque fishing villages, there’s plenty of places you’ll want to snap for posterity. Discover beaches that resemble lunar landscapes and perch by a castle on a hilltop to catch those sought after Grecian sunsets. Wherever you go, I am sure these locations will have people double-tapping in a heartbeat.

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Sarakiniko Beach

Discover magical moonscapes, Sarakiniko Beach offers the closest thing on earth to what it might look like to land on the Moon. Set on the northeast coast of Milos, this is easily the island’s hottest attraction and most Instagrammed site. It’s not the beach itself, but the surrounding landscape that gains the most attention on our feeds.

The narrow sandy strip of beach is surrounded by moonscapes of gigantic cascading white rocks and iridescent blue waters. The volcanic rocks are free from vegetation and shaped by millennia of erosion through wind and water, creating a series of caves and rock bridges to explore. Being the island’s most popular attraction, it can become incredibly busy in the peak season, so get there early or be prepared to search for a quiet place to snap those perfect pictures.

Milos Greece

Kleftiko caves

A series of photogenic caves and lagoons, the Kleftiko caves are found where giant white cliffs plunge into the sea and the water is some of the bluest you’ve ever seen. This labyrinth of caves is located on the southwest of the island. With no sandy beaches to dock upon, this region needs to be seen from the water. Many tour operators offer a smaller boat to get up close and personal with the network of caves.

The brilliant blue hues are cast over the white rocks within the caves when the light is right, making it feel as though it’s almost sparkling. The waters surrounding the caves are also ideal for snorkelling, giving you the chance to score those underwater shots that are so sought after on a Grecian getaway. Once a base for pirates, Kleftiko caves are now your treasure to explore.

Milos Greece


A fishing village full of colour, Klima is the place to go if colour and culture are 2 big things you need for the perfect ‘grammable shot for your feed. Considered the most beautiful fishing village on Milos, this is a location not to be missed while exploring the best sights the island has to offer. Located near the small town of Tripiti, Klima sits at the bottom of the cliffs and hugs the sea.

A row of syrmata – traditional fisherman houses – along the waterfront is what make Klima such a spectacular sight. Whitewashed buildings are decorated with boldly painted doorways, windows and balconies to make this a haven for photographers. The fishermen’s houses are no longer in use as boathouses and are instead now available to rent for holidaymakers looking to stay in one of the most picturesque places on the island.

Milos Greece

sigrado Beach

A secluded beach with idyllic views and turquoise seas. Tsigrado Beach is certainly not easy to get to, but sometimes the best things in life aren’t easy. Although difficult to reach, this idyllic spot in the south of Milos rewards those who make the journey with fantastic views. Passing through a rocky passage that’s nestled between volcanic cliffs, you’ll be treated to a small sandy cove and incredible clear aquamarine water.

After weaving your way towards the beach, you’ll have to climb down a narrow wooden ladder to reach the bay below – it’s not for the faint-heart


Ancient Theatre of Milos

Where ancient ruins overlook the sea. The Ancient Roman Theatre of Milos combines history and nature for a picture-perfect scene. Set upon the hillside overlooking the azure sea below, these ancient ruins are an ode to the way civilisations on the island lived thousands of years ago. Located near the settlement of Tripiti and above the fishing village of Klima, the theatre is certainly worth a visit.

Dating back to the Hellenistic period, the Romans destroyed the original theatre before it was remodelled in marble. To this day, locals still use the theatre for festivals and cultural events at one of the most spectacular viewpoints on Milos.



The best place for typical Grecian whites and blues. The stony lanes of Plaka, the charming capital of Milos, are dressed in whitewashed buildings, with flowers spilling from balconies. Doorways and windows are painted in vibrant colours and the streets twist and turn in a dizzying maze-like way. Spreading across the hillside, the village sits below the Venetian Castle, which sits upon the highest point of the island.

There’s little traffic in the streets of Plaka due to their narrow, winding nature, only wide enough for motorbikes to pass through. Spend your day exploring the many souvenir stores and tavernas that fill the streets. Spy the small mosaics, relax in the town squares and discover the church with a viewing platform that overlooks the Gulf of Milos for some of the best places to fill your feed.


Catacombs of Milos

Check out the village of Tripiti, too. The Catacombs of Milos are one of the most intriguing places to visit in the village of Tripiti. Dating back to the 1st century, these tunnels are considered the most important Christian monument in Greece. A collection of hallways carved into the stone are embellished with jewels and pictures as the catacombs were used for more than burial sites, but also as a church for Christians during their persecution by the Romans.

An area rich in history, the village of Tripiti is also rich in beauty. A continuation of the wider village of Plaka, this idyllic settlement is set on a hillside sloping toward the sea. With beautiful views, several striking windmills have been restored for use as accommodation, which will make you the envy of all your Instagram followers. Open: Daily from 9 am to 6.45 pm (closed on Tuesdays)


Sulphur Mines at Paliorema

Capture the abandoned site where time stood still. If abandoned locations shrouded in mystery are your thing then a visit to the old sulphur mines of Paliorema is one to add to your list. Set by emerald seas on the east of the island, golden pebbles is what’s left of the mines. Much of the machinery still remains intact, giving the site an eerie, ghost town-like feeling.

It’s not advised to explore inside the mines given they haven’t been in operation since the mid-1950s, but marvelling at the machinery and the mine’s exterior carved into the rockface makes for some interesting photographs. Despite the somewhat desolate nature of the mines themselves, the beach is quite pleasant and often frequented by tourists.


Venetian Castle

Catch the sunset from one of the highest points on Milos. The Venetian Castle, otherwise known as Plaka Castle, is a 13th-century fortification constructed on the highest point of the island. Overlooking the village of Plaka and the sprawling island landscape below, this is easily one of the best viewpoints on Milos.

The castle is the only semblance to the previous Venetian rule over Milos. The journey of about an hour up the hillside to get to it is interspersed with ruins and a few whitewashed houses draped in bougainvillaea. Take in the colours of the panoramic views from the sapphire seas surrounding the island to the green and golden landscapes of the hillside.


Sikia sea cave

Capture the colours of the Emerald Cave. The Sikia sea cave is a popular highlight of coastal boat tours exploring Milos’ southwest shores. Larger yachts and boats are unable to pass through the cave, so they offer smaller boats to take you inside. Pass under the arch and you’ll discover emerald green waters that run deep and cold beneath the collapsed roof of this sea cave.

A small beach can be found within the interior and the light from the reflection of the water is simply beautiful. It’s this stunning reflection of colour that has earned Sikia sea cave the nickname Emerald Cave.


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