Villas at Fushifaru: Review

Pool Beach Villa Sunset, no. 206

Our main choice for our stay at Fushifaru was the ‘Pool Beach Villa Sunset’ and we stayed here for 4 nights. We picked this villa because of it’s direct beach access, the private pool and the amazing outdoor bathroom. The big plus is also that the villa is on the sunset side of the island, which is great if you want to sunbathe all day long and see an amazing Maldivian sunset straight from your villa. The interior of the pool beach villa was modern Maldivian, very tasteful, comfortable and with an outdoor bathroom and private pool to die for! The resort opened in 2017, so everything was very also very fresh and this played a big role in our decisions for which resort to book.

What I also loved about Fushifaru is that you get 5* luxury for less. Okay, we are still talking Maldives prices here, but it’s way more affordable than some other, older resorts. We opted for a half-board package and paid around $3000 for 6 nights, including the seaplane ride.

Over Water Villa, no. 402

Picture Courtesy: Fushifaru, Maldives

The over water villa at Fushifaru could literally house a family; it’s that huge! Fushifaru has only 5 over-water villas and each of them come with beautiful interior, a jacuzzi on the porch and endless ocean views.

The great thing about the water villas at Fushifaru is also that you don’t need to walk or cycle 10 minutes to get to the island. The beach is only a minute’s walk away and the main restaurant (where the breakfast is served) is only 3 minutes walk away. I think no amount of nights at the water villa will ever be enough for us and the highlight of it all was hearing the waves at night, soothing us to sleep.

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