5 Things to Know Before You Visit Bali

  • Traffic: Bali is a very small island which has become a hot spot for tourists due to its beauty, however this picturesque island is also a hot spot for traffic. If you have never driven two-wheelers or do not come from a place that has abundance of them then i would recommend you to opt for taxi or renting a car over renting a two-wheeler.
  • Money-exchange: If you are American or Australian then money exchange would not be a problem for you at all as there are several money exchange centres throughout Bali. However, i would recommend to exchange you currency from a place that does not look very shady as Bali is filled with locals trying to loot you in money exchanges. Pro tip: Conversion of 50-100 usd or aud would help you get a better exchange rate!
  • Shopping: I stayed in Bali fr a week and still could not get enough of the place. The island is filled with various shopping destinations to suit your mood. From high-end shopping malls to street shopping, the shopper in you would be confused to where to go and where not to. The shoppings malls are so pretty architecture-wise that if not to shop you should at least visit it once for insta gold
  • More than just temples: I have heard a lot of people tell me that Bali is nothing more than just Beaches and temples. however, this is not true! Bali has so many places to visit and so many things to do except the beaches and temples as well! 
  • Travelling: To travel in Bali can become quite a pain specially if you do not have a well thought out plan. Due to the amount of traffic even 7 km in Bali can lead upto 2 hours of drive time thus it is extremely important that you plan out your day well in advance to avoid missing out on stuff due to travel time!

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