Are we Humans or Diamonds?

Diamonds, they say that these precious jewels are created under immense pressure and heat deep inside the earth’s crust. Now naturally everyone starts applying the same theory of producing the best results under pressure for humans. Because after all what’s the difference between a human and a mineral deposit anyway? No doubt that this theory does work for some but such stories are not only few but also incomplete. The storytellers very conveniently leave out the end parts of story in which the person starts to face the side effects of this famous “success theory”. The growth graph of the same is somewhat like an inverted U, the person under the immense pressure at first due to the adrenaline rush overworks and pushes themselves to the brink of sanity which ultimately brings the positive slope in the graph. However, it’s only a matter of time before the rush wears out and the body starts reacting to the unhealthy overwork patterns which then results in the negative slope. But because the pressure apparently brought positive results the first half is the only one being talked about while the after effects of the same renowned zenith are unheard of. The world is progressing at the speed of light but when will the very same humans who are making majestic advances in various fields understand the basic difference between a human being and a mineral deposit?

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