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Why Philautia (Self-Love) is Important

Philautia is a self love which can either be unhealthy or healthy. According to the Ancient Greeks, Philautia can be divided in to kind of self love: one that is purely selfish and seeks mostly recognition and prosperity and the other is a more healthy kind of love which we give ourselves. In any relationship, philautia is crucial in the sense that we can only love and care for others if we first truly love and care for ourself. A healthy self love is similar to self-esteem, our perspective and emotional evaluation of our own worth, which is a very important aspect we need to develop in life. Look in the mirror and tell yourself this every time: I am enough, I matter, I am loved. Don’t let the negativity of someone else bring you down. I know it’s hard, trust me I know, but you can do better than them. I’ve been told that I’m not worth it, been cheated on, lied to, all of it and so have millions of other people but it’s how you react to them that defines who you truly are. They hurt you, they make you cry, make you feel like you were 6 feet under rock bottom. But instead of falling down to their level and taking revenge or wasting away time sobbing and feeling bad about yourself, get back up and prove yourself to be better than them! Start loving yourself and forgive them because one day they too will be on the flip side of that situation and will get put down in the same way they put you down. Forgiveness is the hardest thing for me to do but atleast I can say I’m trying. Everyday, I try my hardest to truly accept forgiveness and you should too, because, YOU ARE ENOUGH ❤️

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